Dairy with 0 km cheese production

The historic dairy of Fattoria Schiavone, active since the 1960s, opens its doors in Pagliara Arsa (Cancello and Arnone, Caserta), with over 500 buffaloes grazing free.The open air grazing on the farm sets us apart: you’ll have the chance to see the animals roaming free, and understand our production cycle of buffalo dairy products.

The buffaloes are raised in the open air to provide 0 km milk, which is immediately available for the processing of the most popular local cheeses. A “0 km” dairy farm, in fact, means saving and environmental protectionhigh-quality products controlled right from the breeding of the cattle.

From our buffaloes comes the milk for the production of paste cheeses and various dairy products: from buffalo mozzarella to fiordilatte, caciocavallo, caciotta, treccine, pettole filled with mozzarella paste, and caciopezzata.

You’ll find all these delights in our shop at Fattoria Schiavone: tastings of 0 km cheeses right on the organic farm!

What is a zero kilometre product?

To get from the place of production to the place where it’s sold, 0 km cheese travels as short a distance as possible and, in lucky cases like with our dairy, it’s actually made in the same place where it’s consumed: Fattoria Schiavone!

The objective of the 0 km production of buffalo mozzarella is to minimise the environmental impact linked to the transport of the products, and to favour the freshness and genuineness of the cheeses; moreover, zero-kilometre products help to develop the regional economy.

Our dairy is a family business, which stands out for its desire to combine the traditional production methods of processing buffalo milk with innovations related to quality improvement.
Today we’re in the third generation, and we continue to work in respect of the raw material, the buffalo milk which comes from our pastures.