Fattoria Schiavone Dairy

The historic dairy of Fattoria Schiavone, active since the 1960s, is now managed by the third generation, the brothers Paolo and Luigi, and supported by the collaboration of experts in the dairy sector.

The dairy opens its doors in Pagliara Arsa (Cancello and Arnone, Caserta) to visitors who want to see how the farm and livestock activities are carried out, and who want to buy our dairy products in our cheese shop immersed in the countryside.Over 500 buffaloes graze free, they are raised in the open air to provide 0 km milk, immediately available for the processing of the most popular local cheeses , from buffalo mozzarella to fiordilatte, caciocavallo, caciotta, treccine, pettole with filling of mozzarella paste, and caciopezzata.

The dairy farm allows you to taste the cheeses right where they’re produced and allows us to educate people, especially children, on how buffalo breeding works and about life on a real farm. The bufalina company is an organic farm, which supports an environmental sustainability system, and the dairy is also headed in this direction, to obtain this certification.

Our work has also recently received an award: at the association’s fair in 2019, held in San Marco Evangelista (Caserta), we won the title of Best udder in Italy with our buffalo – capable of producing over 25 litres of milk every day.

Buffalo milk dairy

Processing of cheese with 0 km milk