since 1961

A buffalo company for over 3 generations

Our buffalo company was born in Pagliara Arsa in 1961, the year in which my grandfather started the production of cheeses and buffalo mozzarella milk products with his dairy. Subsequently, the management was entrusted to my father’s family and, finally, to us the children, Paolo and Luigi. We start our farm business by also working with expert partners for dairy processing.
Fattoria Schiavone is also a sales point, surrounded by the countryside of the Caserta area, where over 500 buffaloes graze in the open air.Our method is also shared with the national RIS Bufala association, made up of breeders committed to the welfare of buffalo breeding and its genetic selection.

Among our products, in addition to our famous 0 km buffalo mozzarella, are also dairy products like fiordilatte, caciocavallo, caciotta, treccine, pettole and caciopezzata.
Ours is still a real farm in the Caserta area, where visitors can observe the buffaloes grazing behind the dairy, and we try to maintain the production chain with maximum sustainability, just as we’ve always done since the dairy was founded. An organic farm and a dairy which conforms to this certification.

Our store makes products available constantly and daily, which is why Fattoria Schiavone is open for customers from 7 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm.You can also eat the products you buy on the spot… Come and visit us!