Fattoria Schiavone is an organic farm, which has long been committed to a project for the use of the dairy for children. The goal is to become an educational farm for schoolchildren and to spread the knowledge of buffalo breeding and the production of cheeses – historical activities of our region.
In the complex of the agricultural and zoochtenic farm of Pagliara Arsa (Cancello and Arnone – Caserta), you can observe the buffalo farms in the open air, and get to know closely the life of a dairy where buffalo milk is used for the on-site production of dairy products such as buffalo mozzarella, fiordilatte and other cheeses.

The organic farm is proposed as a model for a type of closed-cycle production: the milk, coming from the farm, is transformed into dairy products, helping to protect the environment and guaranteeing the high quality and genuineness of the cheeses.The little ones can learn to appreciate our local traditions through a guided tour which allows you to discover the many activities of the farm, in addition to the breeding of buffaloes, and how a dairy product is created.

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